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Steps to Success While Your Family Member is Inside

1.  Seek support - from family members, churches, support groups, anyone!  Network with those among you who are in the same situation.

2.  Be real about visiting - Visiting costs time, money, childcare, emotions and patience.  Make sure you are ready for the visit.

3.  When you visit, be prepared.  Make sure you are an approved visitor, know the visiting hours,a nd procedures.  Above all, be prepared emotionally.

4.  Budget your money.  If you are accepting collect calls, budget accordingly.  Also plan ahead for visiting costs such as accommodations, gas, childcare, etc.

5.  Find creative ways to save money.

6.  Find out what resources are available to you.

7.  Stay connected - visiting is only one way to stay connected.  Phone calls and letters are also beneficial.

8.  Be honest with your kids.

9.  Stay positive.

10.  Stay focused.

Relieve the trouble of my Heart & bring me out of my distress.

Psalm 25:17

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